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Depth Cartridge Filter

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MS® depth filters include many different kinds of cartridge filters such as PP pleated filters, melt blown filters, wound filters and roll type filters. All the depth cartridge elements come in a wide range of materials, lengths, and micron retention ratings. Many cartridges claim to be depth filters with superior dirt holding capacity, but true depth filter cartridges retain a wide range of different sized particles throughout an entire cross section of the filter. So these elements offer true depth filtration, higher efficiency, lower pressure drop, and greater solids holding capacity than standard elements and competitive prices.

Depth Cartridge Elements Features

  • Graded density construction provides built-in prefiltration and longer life
  • Pure polypropylene construction
  • No surfactants or binders are present to interrupt product quality or cause foaming
  • Pore size differentiation is achieved using fibers of differing diameters and maintaining uniform density throughout the cartridge
  • Single component construction simplifies compatibility options and provides easy disposal
  • Polypropylene construction provides broad chemical compatibility for a variety of applications
  • Rigid construction eliminates contaminant unloading and channeling
  • One-piece construction eliminates bypass concerns with multi length cartridges and eases change out

Depth Cartridge Elements Applications

  • Membrane Prefiltration
  • DI water
  • RO Prefiltration
  • Organic Solvents
  • Chemical Processing Fluids
  • Potable water
  • Petroleum oils

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