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MS® Membrane Filters



Micro-filtration is one kind of physical filtration process where a contaminated fluid is passed through a special pore size membrane to separate micro-organisms and suspended particles from process liquid or gas. The typical pore size used for micro-filtration ranges from about 0.1 to 10um.
Membrane Solutions offers full membrane filter for various solvents or liquid or gas, including PES , MCE, Nylon, PVDF , PTFE , PP , CA, Nylon Mesh and PC, the disc diameter is from 13mm to 293mm, which are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility. Most membranes can be sterilized if needed. 


  • General clean and filtration
  • Sample Preparation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
  • Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical Products Analysis
  • Chromatography and Mass Spec Sample Preparation
  • Venting and Gas Filtration
  • For research use only

Guide to Select Membrane 

membrane filter polymer selection guide

* Click on the picture to see the image and the image addresses.

Product Information

Membrane Type Pore Size(um) Diameter(mm)
PES 0.1-1.0 13, 25,37,47,90,142,293
MCE 0.1-8.0 13,25,37,47,90,142, 293
Plain & Gridded
NYLON 0.1- 10.0 13,25,37,47,90,142,293
PVDF 0.1-0.45 13,25,37,47,90,142,293
PTFE 0.1 -5.0 13,25,37,47,90,142,293
PP 0.22-20.0 13,37,47,90,125,142,293
CA 0.22-8.0 13,25,37,47,90,142,293
Nylon Mesh 20-180 25,47,90, 30cm×3m
PC 0.1-8.0 13,25,37,47,90,142

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