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High Flow Cartridge Filters

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MS® High Flow Cartridge Filters cartridge filters contains a variety of different series such as  600 FlowPure®, 600 MicroPure®, and BagPure®, etc. All the high flow filters have a large diameter and large filter area in order to reduce use quantity and filter size. Filter housings are also available and because of the filters high flow and dirt holding capacity, smaller systems are possible, reducing upfront capital costs.

High Flow Cartridge Filter Features

  • Gradient pore structure brings higher dirty holding capacity
  • High flow capacity significantly reduces system size and frequency of filter change-outs
  • Excellent space-saving benefits
  • It  is available  in a variety of  filter  media  to  meet  industry  standards  and  chemical compatibility
  • Cartridge is 100% thermally welded

High Flow Cartridge Filter Typical Applications

  • Fuels & Chemicals Plating Solutions:

Chemical Plants, Refineries, Amines, Diesel Fuel, Specialty Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymer, Oil Recovery, Sea Water Injection, Gas Pigging, Film.

  • Machinery & Equipment:

Electrodeposited Primers, Paints & Coatings, Pulp & Paper, Automotive Manufacturing, Mobile Equipment, Primary Metals

  • Power Generation:

Boiler Condensate, Nuclear and Fossil Power Plants, Cogeneration, Gas Turbines

  • Water Processing:

Reverse Osmosis, Centralized Water Systems, Process Water, Municipalities, Desalination, Process Wastewater

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