PVDF Filter Cartridge

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PVDF Cartridge Filter

Product Description

PVDF Cartridges are made of polyvinylidene Fluoride, PVDF are characterized by High protein binding, low extractable levels, wide chemical compatibility, and high chemical inertness. They are certified bio safe, non pyrogenic & fully validated to pharmaceutical standard. PVDF and polypropylene the unique two materials used in cartridge manufacturing are chemically inert not shedding and biologically safe according to FDA, USP and EEC requirements for pharmaceutical and food contact use. PVDF Cartridge Membrane is used In filtering the highly corrosive Solutions such as strong such as strong acids, bases solution and solvents. The membrane has about 80 – 95 % porosity & uniform pore size distribution. Moreover, the filtration area of each cartridge is as high as 0.7 ㎡. Therefore it offers High flow rate, Low pressure drop & Long service life. These can be steam sterilize direct or reverse as per standard operating data.

PVDF pleated cartridge filter


  • The membrane stack consists of reinforced-type PVDF filter membrane and imported deflector layer, and possesses superior properties of heat- resistance and chemical-resistance.
  • Hydrophobic membrane with small adsorption.
  • Possessing better performance of oxidation resistance and heat-resistance and wide application Experiencing 100% integrity test before ex-factory .
  • Each Pharmaceutical Grade filter cartridge has been washed by injection water
  • Each Electronic Grade filter cartridge has been washed by ultra pure water.

Technical Specifications

5",10", 20",30"40" Long

Micron Rating
0.2~5.0 Micron

Filtration Area
More Than 0.7 ㎡ Per 10" cartridge

Outer Diameter
70 mm

Inner Diameter
28 mm

Maximum Differential Pressure(25°C)
Positive direction: 0.42Mpa
Reverse direction: 0.21Mpa

Applicable PH value

Working Temperature& Differential Pressure
≤80°C(Differential Pressure:0.2 Mpa)

Double Open Type (DOE Type)
Code 7 F (226 O Ring Design)
Code 7 S (226 O Ring Design/flat)
Code 3 F (222 O Ring Design)
Code 3 S (222 O Ring Design/flat)

Filter Media 100 % Polyvinylidene difluoride Membrane
Support Media Polypropylene Fiber
Inner Core High Strength Polypropylene
Outer Core High Strength Polypropylene
End Caps High Strength Polypropylene
O Ring / Gaskets EPDM / Silicone / Fl Rubber


  • Sterilized gas filtration for food & beverage and wine;
  • High pure electronic chemical liquor;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Food, beverage and making wine;
  • Filtration of gas with high and low temperature and steam;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Sterilized transport of compressed air;
  • Oxidizing gas and liquid;
  • Fine filtration for solvent, liquor and printing ink etc;
  • Much finer prefiltration

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