PP Melt Blown Cartridge Filter

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Melt Blown Cartridge Filter

Product Description

PP melt blown filter, based on the manufacturing technology of multi-leveled comprehensive Filter, is a kind of Melt-Blown three leveled PP impurity filter that is produced by three nozzles of different diameters. The product is structured with three different fibers, inside thin and outside thick, which better purifies water, increases the filte Impurity capacity, prolongs its service life and thus lowers the cost.

 PP Melt Blown cartridge filter


  • Electroplate, etching and developing in PCB industry
  • Electroplate liquid in traditional electroplate trough
  • Pre-filter in the purifying plant of industrial-used water
  • Clarifying chemical liquid of low viscosity
  • Disposal of water and recycling of water


Material 100% melt-blown thin fiber
Size 5” , 10” ,20” , 30” , 40”, 50”
Inner diameter 28 mm
Outer diameter 63 mm
Maximum operation pressure difference 60 ℃ 1.8kg/cm2 ;20℃ 3.2kg/cm2
Suggestive pressure difference changes at 1.5kg/cm2
Highest operation temperature 60℃

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