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Wound Cartridge Filter Wound Cartridge Filter

Product Description

MS ® string wound cartridge filter is a kind of deep filter cartridge, which is made of the textile fabric string (polypropylene, absorbent cotton and so on) preciously winding onto the multihole axies according to the specific technology. The typical honeycomb structure of the filter body gives it a considerable capacity for accumulating impurities present in the fluid being filtered. The larger foreign particles are filtered out on the surface , while smaller particles are blocked later in the inner filtering substance.

[ String Wound cartridge filter ]


  • Exceptionally high structural strength
  • Fits all standard housings
  • Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and long service life
  • Loose outer layer and tight inner layer assures effective depth filtration
  • Various filter media and cores fit a wide range of applications



  • Electronic industry: pre-filter for ultra pure water etc.
  • Food & beverage industry: filter of mineral water wines and fruit juice etc
  • Medicine industry: filter of drug liquid, gases etc
  • Chemical industry: filter of organic solvent etc
  • Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding



Material Polypropylene, Cotton
Core Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
Micron Retention Rating 1,5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150μm
Size 5” , 10” ,20” , 30” , 40”, 50”
Maximum operation pressure difference 60 ℃ 1.8kg/cm2 ;20℃ 3.2kg/cm2
Inner diameter 28 mm
Outer diameter 63 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 250°F(120℃)
Applicable pH value 1-13
Positive direction 0.42Mpa
Reverse direction 0.42Mpa
Steam sterilizing at 125 degree 0.5 h each time

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